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Amos Mobility Scooters is a rental service company that provides elderly and handicapped people with mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

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Mobility Scooters For Seniors in the Disneyland, Anaheim, CA Area

Amos Mobility Scooters provides quality transportation solutions via mobility scooters for seniors near Disneyland and Anaheim, CA area. We provide the best mobility scooters in the Disneyland area, offering many hotel pickup and drop-off locations. We also offer the lowest rates in the industry, thus enabling virtually anyone to visit and enjoy Disneyland, no matter their mobility, thanks to our scooter rentals. Our mobility scooter rentals are convenient and easy to take advantage of, starting at just $55 for a 1-day rental, with a 5-day rental being just $110.

More Than Just Scooters

As a quality and respected mobility equipment supplier, we also supply the best mobility strollers for rent. We provide both single and double stroller options that can transport one or two people around easily. They are comfortable and capable of transporting virtually anyone easily. Rates being at just $20 for the single and $30 for the double for one day, while five days’ rental is just $60 and $85 respectively.

We also are a wheelchair rental company providing rental mobility wheelchairs to those who need them as well. Our wheelchairs can be rented out for just $30 for one day, while just $50 can net you five days of usage. Our wheelchairs are quite durable, provide enhanced fitting, and can transport up to 300 lbs. In addition, the wheelchair itself is only 31 lbs, making it quite lightweight. It is foldable, easily portable, and transportable in a back seat or trunk.

Our wheelchairs are relatively easy to take care of as well, as they are made of vinyl fabrics. As a result, they can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth and dry quickly, so they will always look presentable as well.


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